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Principal Investigator
Chris received his B.S. in psychology (with a focus in clinical psychology) from Arizona State University and his PhD in neurobiology and behavior from Wesleyan University. He then joined Dr. Lisa Boulanger's lab at Princeton University to perform his postdoctoral research in neuro-immunology. There, he became a New Jersey Association for Clinical and Translational Science Fellow and discovered that the host immune response to adeno-associated virus can cause damage to dendritic arbors in cortex.

Graduate Researcher

Undergraduate Researcher
I am an undergraduate research student at Montclair State University majoring in Biology with hopes to get into medical school in the next couple years. While my specialty in medicine is still uncertain, I have always had an attachment to neuroscience and the complexities of the nervous system and the brain. By working alongside Dr. Suriano, I am hoping to cultivate my passion for research, medicine and neuroscience.

Undergraduate Researcher
I am an undergraduate student at Montclair State University, majoring in Molecular Biology. Under the supervision of Dr. Suriano, I am excited to continue my love for neuroscience by studying the effects of gene therapy vectors, such as adeno-associated virus, on the brain. I hope to attend medical school to become a physician.

Undergraduate Researcher
I am an undergraduate student majoring in molecular biology on the pre-med track at Montclair State University. I am aiming to pursue medical school after graduation and become a doctor. I enjoy learning about the brain because the research is limitless as we have not discovered everything yet!

Undergraduate Researcher
I am an undergraduate student at Montclair State University pursuing a major in Biology and minors in Psychology and Chemistry following a pre-med track.

Undergraduate Researcher
I am a second-year student at MSU majoring in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Psychology on a pre-med track.

Former Lab Members

Undergraduate Researcher

Undergraduate Researcher - Visiting Student

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