4/26/2023 Joseph and Nour present their poster "Neuro-immune crosstalk regulates behavioral immunity: Tol-1 inhibits foraging behavior in a feeding state dependent manner" at the undergraduate research symposium!
2/10/24 Neel presents the lab's second poster at Darwin Day! We found that an innate immune molecule decreases foraging behavior in a hunger state dependent manner. .
2/11/24 Welcome to the lab, Emily Kopecky 

11/14/22 Welcome to the lab, Nour  Shalash '26
10/14/22 Neel Patel presents the lab's first poster!
10/14/22 Neel Patel is presenting our lab's first poster, titled "Deletion of the Tol-1 TIR binding domain promotes foraging behavior", at the Neuroscience Conference at MSU!

10/13/22 Welcome to the lab, Annie Flynn '23!

9/7/22 Welcome to the lab, Neel Patel '23!

8/9/22 Welcome to the lab, Joseph Rios '24!

The Suriano Lab is set to open in Fall 2022!

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